Graphene Oxide

I am so disappointed in Hollywood. Today we went to see Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3. The profanity is so uncalled for in a movie that is largely aimed at children.

Studies have shown that people who use profanity are more likely to be come violent – in both words and actions.

“In a study of 223 kids at one U.S. middle school, researchers found that those exposed to more profanity-laced TV shows or video games tended to use blue language themselves. And kids who used profanity, in turn, reported more instances of aggression — anything from throwing punches to spreading gossip.” Reuters, Oct 19, 2011

Sarah M. Coyne, a BYU assistant professor of Family Life and lead author of the study, said, “It represents a lack of respect for parents or whoever you’re using it towards. It’s like a slippery slope. You start using it, and it becomes associated with other aggression.”

I have to agree about the lack of respect. In fact, when Hollywood throws profanity in a movie, it says this: THEY DO NOT RESPECT THEIR AUDIENCE

When one uses the pejorative for a female dog as a name for a woman, whether in jest or anger, it shows disrespect for the female of our race, as well as disrespect for all mothers and daughters. When one uses the vulgar phrase representing sexual intercourse, it shows respect for ALL HUMANS – EVERYWHERE.

So, why does Hollywood disrespect us so much?

First, we tend to tolerate it. We don’t set limits. It started off that my wife and I would change the TV channel after 3, but now we’ve come to learn that the 1st only leads to a 2nd, and that to a 3rd. So, now we turn it off with the first offence.

If I’m in a movie theater, and it happens up front, I will walk out and demand a refund. It’s that plain and simple.

The other day I sent a private message to someone who posted on Social Media calling a woman a bad name. I thought it best to respond in private. I simply said, “When you use that word, you not only disrespect yourself, you disrespect all women everywhere. Please be part of the solution instead of the problem.”

The response took me by surprise. She responded back swearing like a sailor, cussing me out, and making it sound like SHE was doing me a favor by allowing me to see her posts.

I blocked her.

Then, after much contemplation about her response, I decided it was time to pull the plug on social media. If figure if she, for example, could not see how her attacks on another woman was a form of disrespect towards herself and others, then it might be time to unplug.

It wasn’t just her. As mentioned when I announced I was unplugging from all social media, there is rampant mental illness.

Here’s some examples…

People claiming they got COVID-19 twice and both times from vaccinated people. First of all, it’s nearly impossible to tell where you got the virus. But, don’t say that to someone like this else they come unglued telling you how medically savvy they are. (Yet, when you look at their profile, they didn’t make it far past high school with their education.) And, unless the person was showing symptoms, such as a fever, cough, runny nose, etc., they weren’t contagious. But, again, don’t bother telling them because their pride has overshadowed their reasoning and ignorance.

Then there’s the lady who repeatedly posts how ALL doctors work for BIG PHARMA and receive these huge pay checks from BIG PHARMA. Well, that’s actually a matter of public record. I looked up every doctor I’ve seen in the last 3 years. Two of them received under $200 from BIG PHARMA in the form of “food, beverage or meals”. I actually asked one of them about it. He said, “Yes, I go to lunch a couple of times a year because I have a captive audience where I can get answers to questions that I can’t find on their website or literature.” (Makes sense.) However, NONE of the others received ANYTHING from BIG PHARMA.

Then there are those who swear we did not land on the moon.

Or, how about those who say we’re being sprayed with aluminum as a mind control experiment. Having a physics and mathematics background in my college education, I looked up how much aluminum a person has to inhale for it to effect the brain. I then multiplied that by the square mileage of the USA, using the density of Al, I then calculated how many tons of Al it would take, how much aluminum a 747 could carry, and guess what?

It came out to be MORE 747s than exist in the WORLD, flying 24×7.

My favorite, is that COVID-19 vaccines contain graphene oxide that program the brain. First, and foremost, there is NO SUCH THING as a colorless clear liquid that contains graphene oxide. COVID-19 vaccines are colorless and clear.

Graphene Oxide
Graphene Oxide

Oh, but don’t try to convince them of that with facts and photos.

Mark Twain said it best, “A man convinced against his will is of the same opinion still.”

Little did Mark Twain know he was describing a form of pride that holds one back from learning the truth.