Stir Fry

I love shopping at Asian Markets. When we lived in NY, I knew where they all were. Now that we’ve moved west, I think I’ve found them all within a 20 mile radius.

At the big-chain grocery stores, the same bottle of sauce can be bought for a fraction of the cost at the Asian market. However, I’ve taken to making my own due to an allergy to corn products. Try to buy mirin or most any thick Asian sauce that doesn’t contain corn syrup or corn starch! So, I make my own using tapioca starch.

Today was grocery shopping, and it started with a trip to the big-chain grocery store, as well as Costco, then physical therapy, and then a trip to Asian City. I like hitting there because they have $1 a bag veggies that are a little past their time. But, once I cull and cut the bad stuff, it is still a great deal.

As a result, I haven’t had much time to do art work today or work on this website. But, I did make a killer stir fry with all the veggies in the draw that need to get used. I think I’ll be eating beef veggie stir fry for the next week.