I started off doing digital art after getting seriously ill. It was something I could do from bed. Well, 5 years later, and 3 diagnosis from various doctors, I’m not doing better physically, but I’ve improved my talents as a digital artist as the result of my illness.

My journey started off prior to my illness with photography and Corel Painter for doing digital portraits. I then took up Poser, followed by DAZ3D Studio, Blender and other tools. Now, I mainly dabble in DAZ3d Studio with ventures in to Ai where I take my renders and create Ai creations.

I enjoy gourmet cooking with my specialty being Chinese food. My wife says I make a mean cashew chicken. While, I’d say my broccoli beef is the best.

She’s the love of my life and is a great gardener. She grows the food and I prepare it for eating, and we both enjoy canning.

Memorial Day weekend, 2023, I decided to leave social media platforms in favor of spending more time with my art and this new website. I’ve found, depending on the platform, that most frequent visitors to social media are clinically mentally ill. On Gab, MeWi, Rumble and the conservative ones, you have people who are so far to the right that they think that Donald Trump is still president, and on Facebook, TikTok, Twitter, etc, you have people so far to the left they act in fascist behaviors as to humiliate and belittle anyone who is religious. So, goodbye to all of you, and I hope you see professional mental health help.