Lately, I’ve been doing a lot of variations on themes using Ai and seed images. Some of the images are ones I shot when I was a professional photographer. I use them to seed the Ai engine. That way I get similar results based on the strength I apply to the image. A stronger seed strength the closer it is to the original photo, but the stronger emphasis I give to prompt words, the more the image transforms to meet the description in the prompt words.

Here’s some that I didn’t use one of my images, but an image snagged from Pinterest. However, these results do not look anything like the seed image because I put more emphasis on my prompt words. The seed image only gives a little guidance. (I can’t share the seed image due to copyrights. In the USA, using a copyrighted seed image falls under the copyright clause of derivative work. That said, ALL AI images in the USA are in the public domain. You cannot copyright an AI image in the United States.